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Published on 8th February 2019 Categories: Utilities & fuel

Title: Water, Wastewater & Ancillary Services Aggregation

Following the success of CCS led aggregated further competitions for Water, we will be running another further competition for Lot 1 – Water and Wastewater supply at the end of April.

This further competition is open to all public sector, non-residential premises and will allow participating customers to switch their retail supplier.  We will combine the requirements of participating customers to increase buying power to secure the best retail margin for water and wastewater services. Customers will also benefit from high standard servicing from a dedicated customer service team.

To get involved, please download and complete the switching template RM3790 Switching Template and Memorandum of understanding and return both documents to by 7 March 2019.

Once signed up, CCS will keep customers informed during the process and will confirm results from the competition in early May.