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Non half hourly electricity

RM3791 Start date: July 2017 End date: July 2020

Under this single supplier framework for non half hourly electricity, we aggregate your volume and manage trading on your behalf to deliver value for money. We offer flexible short and long term contracts through the framework, which supplies around 725 government and wider public sector customers who spend approximately £130m per annum.

In order to manage and reduce the associated risks when buying electricity for our customers, we develop legally compliant frameworks. These are created in line with the findings of the Pan Government Energy Project, which recommends that all public sector organisations adopt aggregated, flexible and risk-managed energy procurement.

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Savings (per annum) £ 7 million
Spend (per annum) £ 130 million
Volume (per annum) 1 TWh

The benefits

A transparent, not for profit charging structure

As civil servants we all share a common goal to minimise public sector spend and make savings. Service charges and costs of intermediaries can be hidden or unclear. This may allow them to inflate prices without you knowing, so you are unable to do a true price comparison. Our commission is low and transparent meaning we’ve got some of the most competitive supplier management fees around.

Safe, compliant access

Our bulk buying power means that we can work to get the best possible deals for our customers whilst being OJEU compliant. This provides you with the assurance you need and drives best value through providing a fully open competition.

One of the biggest buyers of gas and electricity in the UK

We have in-house skilled market analysts, risk management specialists, and robust independent governance. Our knowledge and experience consistently saves customers time and money.

Great savings through aggregation

We trade your volume requirements by aggregating them with those of other customers, so you benefit from savings as a result of our bulk buying power.

How to buy

Short term locked

The short term locked product procurement strategy is to buy energy in the 6 months before the start of delivery. This gives you greater price certainty and will help you to set and manage your budgets ahead of the delivery year.

Key features

  • 6 month purchase window up to the point of delivery
  • traders enter the market multiple times during this period
  • all purchasing is completed before the first delivery month begins
  • once all volume has been bought, your monthly commodity price will be set for the entire delivery year

Product benefits

  • all customer volumes are aggregated together, allowing more buying opportunities across the window to smooth out market volatility
  • provides price certainty before the delivery period begins, enabling you to set yearly budgets
  • customers avoid any volatile changes in market prices during the delivery period
  • a sell-back facility allows traders to improve your price
  • fully risk managed product – a price cap is applied at the start of the purchasing period, meaning budgets are protected

For help and support buying electricity, get in touch and mention ‘non half hourly electricity’ in the comments box.