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Published on 9th January 2019 Categories:

Title: Helping our customers review their energy portfolio generates £2.1 million saving


When did you last check that your meters are included in your CCS portfolio?

When you add a new electricity supply to your site, or replace an existing electricity meter, the supply is not automatically included in a CCS basket. What this means for you is the new meter will be placed onto an ‘out of contract’ or ‘deemed’ rate. Whilst under this rate, the site will not benefit from the negotiated CCS framework benefits and the price you pay per kWh could be substantially higher than that of the basket prices we can achieve at CCS. These additional costs can be easily avoided, allowing you to drive further savings for your organisation.

The Solution

CCS and EDF Energy recently conducted an exercise, identifying 771 meters that customers had not added to their portfolios, and were therefore on ‘out of contract’ rates. Through the combined efforts of both EDF Energy and CCS, customers were contacted and asked to complete a site addition form to add the meters into a CCS basket.

The Results

For these customers, a combined saving of over £2.1 million has been achieved, by simply adding their new meters into their CCS portfolio and avoiding costly ‘out of contract’ or ‘deemed’ prices. This represents an average saving of approximately £5000 per meter, which our customers can invest on the priorities that matter most to them.

Next Steps

Adding additional meters into your CCS basket is simple and these savings show just how important maintaining your portfolio is. You can add additional meters to your portfolio as follows:

Half-hourly meters (HH)

Add meters to your portfolio by logging into the portal here.

Non half-hourly (NHH)

This can be added via a manual site addition template which can be downloaded here.

Completed templates should be sent to:

Please note, NHH meters cannot be added to your EDF Energy portfolio via the CCS portal as they will default to our NHH supplier, British Gas.

If you would like to find out more about how your organisation could benefit please fill in our contact form and quote ‘Deemed Rates’.