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Published on 25th May 2018 Categories:

Title: Latest updates - 25 May 2018

Industry Updates


Many of CCS customers have been impacted by the change in the electricity Balancing and Settlement Code known as P272, and the challenging process of transferring a number of electricity meters from British Gas (framework ref RM999) to EDF (framework ref RM1075). We transferred the majority of affected meters to EDF over the course of 2017, with the remainder having transferred on 1st April 2018. We appreciate the patience shown by affected customers during this period, and are pleased to confirm that following the transfer of all affected meters, this project has now concluded.


From 1st April 2018 the way your local network operator charges you for Maximum Import Capacity will be changing, and for some customers, getting the balance wrong could be costly - too low and you could potentially incur penalty charges; too high and you're paying more than you need to. EDF recently hosted a webinar for CCS customers to talk through the changes - and a recorded version of this webinar has now been uploaded herewhere you can hear more about Maximum Import Capacity and how the changes might affect you, as well as measures you can take to manage the associated risks.

Site Novations

There are two possible scenarios:

  1. A site / meter currently on the framework under a CCS customer is moving to another CCS customer (prices remain the same when transferred)
  2. A site / meter currently on the framework under a CCS customer is moving to become a new CCS customer (prices remain the same when transferred)

If a site is moving to a customer not on the CCS framework then this is considered as a change of ownership and you will need to submit through your Supplier. This will mean the site will no longer be part of the CCS Framework and the new owner will need to negotiate a contract

To process a novation, please email and request a novation form. Please return completed form to the same email address, clearly marking the subject header with ‘Novation’.

Upon receipt of a complete form, suppliers will make the necessary changes. Please note, the process can take up to 2 months so please update in a timely manner.

Important - Broker/TPI request for billing information

We have recently been made aware of brokers/TPI’s contacting our customers directly, claiming to be EDF, BG or Corona in an attempt to obtain billing information to quote for a contract.

These companies have been calling customers directly stating they work for one of our framework suppliers and then emailing customers a contract renewal - not with our framework suppliers but with their own company.

Please be extra vigilant if you receive requests of this nature.

If you have any cause for concern please contact us, using the details below, so that we can investigate further:


Call: 0345 410 2222