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Published on 3rd October 2018 Categories:

Title: How you can take control of your energy costs

It is hard to escape the fact that the Public Sector is under pressure. The Institute for Fiscal Studies recently highlighted that by 2020, budgets for Public Sector departments could be reduced by as much as 40%, with Education facing up to a 20% reduction. Alongside this, the Government is also promoting renewable targets and pushing for 20% of energy to come from ‘green’ sources by 2020.

Further, a recent Call for Evidence, published by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS,) found that 91% of respondents would support a voluntary emissions target, with 44% of these stating that schools and academies should be expected to meet this target.

Focussing on energy requirements, organisations will need to take control of their usage across sites. Currently this is a lot easier said than done, with organisations often having multiple bills and account managers across sites, coupled with a lack of coordination. There is also the inertia that comes with changing supplier due to the time and resource associated with it.

So, amidst these rising pressures, what can organisations do to take control of their energy provision to maximise benefits and minimise the impact on resource and budget? There are echoes of a rock and a hard place here, but there are quick wins and options out there to support organisations. Whilst they may seem small, when aggregated, they can make a big difference:

  • Switch off heating for the last hour of the day – most buildings should retain heat for this period
  • Use time switches so heating is only on when the building is in use
  • Avoid blinds being down when the lights are on
  • Install low energy lighting – whilst the initial cost might be higher they provide longer term savings
  • For schools and academies why not get the students involved – one example being light monitors
  • Finally, switch supplier

Flexibility for public sector organisations to switch supplier is crucial and has been lacking, considering the fact that the domestic market has had this provision for over a decade. As such, Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is set to launch an GovSwitch, an online utilities switching service, in conjunction with their partners Gemserv and My Utility Genius, to tackle this demand.

The free service will enable organisations to switch energy supplier on a single, easy to use, online portal. The smart system will allow users to store their energy site information and quotes for ease of access. Users can select a supplier based on their specific requirements i.e. green energy, low cost, etc., and prices can be fixed for the period of the contract as defined by the user - essential for taking control of costs. The service, which launches in Autumn 2018, will also highlight renewable energy providers, allowing users to meet government-led targets.

To find out how you can benefit from our simple switching service, join one of our upcoming webinars to find out more:

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