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Published on 3rd August 2018 Categories: Buildings, Utilities & fuel

Title: Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets agreement update

What is HELGA?

‘HELGA’ (Heat Networks and Electricity Generation Assets) will be available as part of our Utilities and Fuels provision. It will allow customers to access products and services via a dynamic purchasing system relating to:

  •           District Heating
  •           On-site generation (CHP, solar, wind, etc.)
  •           Storage (batteries)
  •           Renewables

HELGA will allow customers to access products and services for each stage in the life-cycle of their project. The primary stages are:

  •           Design and pre-build
  •           Construction / Installation
  •           Maintenance / Operation

OJEU notice

CCS will be publishing a tender notice in September 2018 inviting suppliers to join the dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for our Heat Network and Electricity Generation (HELGA) agreement.

What is a dynamic purchasing system (DPS)?

The DPS will allow public and third sector organisations to publish bespoke projects according to their requirements. Suppliers are then able compete for the projects according to their capability.

A DPS is a completely electronic system; it does not operate in the same way as a traditional contract/framework in that it is an ‘open market’ product designed to provide access to a pool of suppliers which can be constantly refreshed. Establishing a DPS with multiple providers will create an environment which encourages fair competition. It allows suppliers to join at any time and choose whether to compete for all or any of the projects issued, in line with their area of expertise.

Joining a DPS is less time consuming than a framework response. As it is an electronic process, it will only assess areas such as financial stability and specific areas of selection (eg. Health and Safety). The call off competition process that is performed by the customer will be carried out in more granular detail in relation to the project requirements.




Publish of OJEU Notice

September 2018

DPS Assurance Phase

September - October 2018

DPS Go Live

October - November 2018

To find out more about HELGA, please get in touch:
Customers - please fill in this contact form
Suppliers - please forward all enquiries to