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Published on 21st December 2018 Categories:

Title: CCS secure great energy rates below the current market prices for V30 customers

At Crown Commercial Service (CCS), our specialist Energy Trading and Risk team have been working hard to protect you from volatile energy markets, which has experienced continuing upward trends. You may have read recent reports on the energy market with pessimism, but rest assured we have secured prices out to April 2022 with you in mind.

As V30 customers, your energy is purchased in advance, and we have succeeded in achieving prices for you considerably below the current market price. For the current year, through to the end of March 2021, CCS have already bought the bulk of your energy - and were able to do so before the worst of the recent price rises.

The charts below show you how the commodity prices we have achieved for you compare to current market prices*:

Chart 1 - CCS electricity prices for April 2018 - April 2020, compared to current market prices.

Chart 2 - CCS gas prices for April 2018 - April 2020, compared to current market prices.

In the coming year we will be hosting a range of webinars and customer events to ensure you are aware of the fantastic prices your organisations are achieving, as well as encouraging feedback from you, our customers:

Register for one of our upcoming Energy Trading and Risk Webinars below:

10 January @ 11.00am - register

7 March @ 2.30pm  - register

Our next bi-annual customer event will be taking place on 19 June 2019. Information will be sent out closer to the time for registration.

If you would like to discuss your energy prices with one of our team, please get in touch.



*Current market prices calculated as follows: Seasonal contracts annualised using 70:30 winter / summer ratio for gas and 52 / 48 for electricity at 17/12/18.  For Apr 18 average of day ahead price used for summer and winter contract at expiry. All data published by Argus Media.