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Published on 1st June 2018 Categories:

Title: Can we help you with your Energy Bill Validation?

We understand that every penny is precious and identifying savings is a key priority for your organisation. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for your energy bills to be incorrect and difficult to identify and understand why.

A bill validation service has the potential to save your organisation money by identifying and rectifying errors, essentially, offering a thorough review of your utility bills to ensure any inconsistencies are identified, acted upon and resolved. This ensures that you only pay for the energy that you have actually used.

Save money

Errors in billing are a common occurrence. A bill validation service highlights cost discrepancies and provides you with the peace of mind that you are only paying for the commodities that you’ve used. This can ultimately save you money each month and improves the quality of your data.

Save time

We understand that your time and resource pressures mean that having the time to drill down and go through your energy statements can be difficult. This can result in discrepancies in invoices going unnoticed and unchallenged, resulting in additional costs to your business. Bill validation takes away the administrative burden and frees up your time to focus on your core priorities.

You asked - we listened

During the development of our new Utilities Management Software, Metering and Ancillary Services agreement, we engaged with customers to understand their issues and created a product that suited their needs. The agreement provides access to specialist software and experts that can analyse and identify any discrepancies that you may have not observed or acted upon on your behalf. The software can also generate reports, showing correct invoices and highlighting those that require further investigation.

Find out how you can start understanding your bills and make great savings - fill in our contact form and quote ‘Utilities Management’